Teresaa Stovin, Ph.D,

Aura Mediator™ & New Time Coach in the United States

My initiation into the New Time Energies began with my own AuraTransformation™, which energetically has colored everything I have done since. In 2011 I decided to become an Aura Mediator™. This resulted in a burning desire within me to help make AuraTransformation™ accessible to others, thereby supporting them in their process to reach freedom, wholeness and balance.

While I currently reside in Sweden, this desire to support others in transitioning into the New Time has created opportunities for me to travel abroad. Mostly I travel to the US, providing lectures, workshops and transformative sessions regarding the New Time Energies. My work focuses on creating a safe space for those who want to receive an AuraTransformation™, in addition to other services that I provide. Depending on what service is requested, I also work long-distance over Skype or on the phone.

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In 2015 I was privileged to become an associated partner for the four element profile® by teaming up with Anni & Carsten Sennov, its founders. Within this framework I provide cutting edge training in the New Time Energies in the US. This training focuses on understanding, activating and integrating into our bodies the four main energies corresponding to the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air. To find out more about all of my upcoming events, click here.

Working with me can result in living a heart centered life where your dreams are fulfilled, or starting a new chapter in your life. While these outcomes may sound appealing, it is not always an easy path to take. With an AuraTransformation™ especially, along with the other transformative services I provide will help you to speak and live your truth. However, putting yourself and your hearts’ desires on display to the world has proven to be the greatest of challenges for most. This is where I come in, as it is my passion to support my clients through their trials and tribulations and to turbo-charge their consciousness development.

My role is to support you while you transition into creating your life directly from your heart. This could manifest as a business that makes you feel good about your contribution to the world for example. However it may look your life becomes more precious than ever. There is great joy in witnessing such fulfilling results in both my clients and in their own.


Teresaa Stovin, Ph.D.


Kind Regards,

Teresaa Stovin, Ph.D
Aura Mediator™ & New Time Coach
Instructor of The Aura Mediator Courses™ in the United States
four element profile™ associated partner in the United States



Higher Education

Doctor of Philosophy @ School of Business, Stockholm University, Sweden
BSc in Human Resource Development and Labor Relations @ Department of Sociology, Stockholm University, Sweden
Science of Education @ Department of Education, Stockholm University, Sweden
Communication Studies @ Department of Media Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden
Pharmaceutical Science @ Uppsala Biomedical Centre, Uppsala University, Sweden



Wellness Training

Advanced Chinese Energy Medicine
Aura Mediator™
Consciousness Coach
four element profile® Instructor
Instructor of The Aura Mediator Courses™
Mind-Sound Technology™ Teacher
Vedic Art™ Teacher
Yoga & Meditation Teacher




What a wonderful being. I love talking to Teressa, I always feel like I have been injected with a fresh dose of LIFE and LOVE.  She is sweet, funny, knowledgeable and so intuitive. It has been easy to build respect and a friendship over time. When I have hit a tight spot she expertly and rapidly unravels the issue with fantastic tools at her disposal. What was a debilitating situation turned into a story that I can now use to empower others. Her understanding of energy, relations, dynamics and elements is vast and deep. I have learnt a lot with and from Teressa and can not wait for our friendship to flourish.  Thank you for being you!

Sarah Jennings, Lancaster, UK

Aura Mediator™, Dare To Be

I am a Middle-Eastern women, I was raised in Jordan in a conservative restrictive environment then moved to the US in my early twenties. The negative programing and limitations related to my abilities, self-worth as a woman, and expectations that my family had of me were engrained in me at an early age. Years later, I realized that even as I am approaching the age of 40, the foundation of worry and fear that I was raised in was still negatively affecting my life and slowing me down from my true potential. I knew that I needed a big shift in my prospective in order to let go of the past.

I have been working with Teresaa as my Life Coach for the last year, and she has helped me with various aspects such as my career, business planning, relationships, and financial prosperity. She identified blockages that I had that were caused by past and cultural programming, and then worked with me to release them through a focused coaching approach and her Energy Breakthrough Method.

This work made a huge impact on my progress, a positive change to my life and to my vision of the future. Her extensive experience in business in addition to her energy work differentiates her from others since she is working on multiple dimensions that enable growth and connect with daily experiences. She helped me build a vision for my purpose, a plan, and utilized the energy work to support the progress and release any blockages. Now I am unstoppable!

I have an amazing dream of supporting women in the Middle-East that are currently facing the same challenges that I had, and I want to work on empowering them. I now believe in myself and my abilities to drive a big change in the world. I am able to do that only because I got the chance to release what was in my way, even if it was my own thoughts and false believes. I feel fortunate to know and work with Teresaa. She is very personable and professional. Working with her is the best investment that I have ever made, in both money and time.

Dima Ghawi, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Public Speaker, Dima Ghawi

Teresaa Stovin, Ph.D is an Aura Mediator™, New Time Coach & four element profile™ associated partner in the U.S. She supports her clients in realizing their full potential by using tools from a cutting edge consciousness perspective. Teresaa works both 1-on-1 and in groups, and is a facilitator for workshops regarding the four elements, the crystallization process and more New Time Programs.

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